Shipping & Warranty


$5 Flat rate shipping to the CONUS


I'm proud to be offering great products at a great value. Life time warranty if you break it, I'll remake it.*


*Warranty excludes napalm attack, damage caused by excessive heat exposure (200F+), use as a substitute clay pigeon, use as a cutting board, and any other NON holster use*



BLACK G17 AND G19 HOLSTERS ALWAYS IN STOCK AND SHIP NEXT BUSINESS DAY Apprx 14-21 day lead time on ALL OTHER orders Purchase and/ or use of our products constitute acceptance of our liability waiver!!! You agree to hold harmless Walking B Ranch LLC/ GYPSY EDC for any, and all personal or property injury arising from the use, or misuse of any of our products. Guns and knives are tools that put holes in things, don't be stupid!!! This liability waiver extends to heirs, and assignee's in perpetuity!!!