The Woodsman

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All Knives are handmade to order and have a production lead time of apprx 30 days

Handmade from 01 tool steel The Woodsman is a true multi purpose knife. Heat treated and tempered to a 58-59RC it holds a great edge and is a bit easier to touch up in the field than our other knives. Each Woodsman is 100% hand made so there will be slight variance. Just like snowflakes no two will be identical. You get to choose your finishing touches from scale material, peened pins vs flared tubing, sheath style and color/ pattern. 

Includes your choice of a custom IWB or OWB Kydex sheath.

It will shave your tinder, split your kindling, whittle your tent pegs, and butcher your deer, and look good doing it! 

THESE ARE ONE OFF HANDMADE KNIVES. THERE WILL BE "IMPERFECTIONS". They will absolutely 100% NOT affect the performance of the blade.

Here at Gypsy EDC, we stand behind our products. All items carry our 100% guarantee to be free from mechanical defects under normal usage. We will repair or replace items if necessary as long as we remain in business.

Natural materials like wood and bone may shrink, crack, and/or discolor with change in temperature, humidity, or age. Due to their nature, these issues are not covered under our warranty.

Stupidity is not covered. If you use it like a hatchet, pry bar, or screwdriver resulting damage is not covered.

BLACK G17 G19 G26 HOLSTERS ALWAYS IN STOCK AND SHIP WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS Apprx 30 day lead time on ALL OTHER orders Purchase and/ or use of our products constitute acceptance of our liability waiver!!! You agree to hold harmless Walking B Ranch LLC/ GYPSY EDC for any, and all personal or property injury arising from the use, or misuse of any of our products. Guns and knives are tools that put holes in things, don't be stupid!!! This liability waiver extends to heirs, and assignee's in perpetuity!!! ALL RETURN ITEMS SUBJECT TO A 25% RESTOCKING FEE, CUSTOM ORDERS MAY ONLY BE RETURNED AT OUR DISCRETION, ANY RETURN MUST BE COMPLETE AND IN NEW CONDITION NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN PACKAGES